Magnesium Anodes

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What is a Magnesium Anode?

A Magnesium Anode is a product used in electrochemical protection systems as a donor for the protected object: it turns potential difference turns it into an anode in a galvanic couple, thus the anode suffers from corrosive destruction, while a metal facility restores. Magnesium is used due to its chemical properties: it provides stable work in the soils with the resistance of less than 50 Оm×m, it is known for its high efficiency coefficient (up to 95%).

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It looks like an ingot from an alloy of magnesium with a steel core: it is placed in a bag with a carbonaceous backfill for better electrolytic contact with soil.

The Anode is connected with the protected facility through a delivered connecting cable.

Types of Anodes

It is important to study a range of them prior a purchase: the prices can significantly differ depending on the employed magnesium alloy type, weight of the product and even its shape.

  • Weight influences the anode dissolution rate: on average one product can be used from 5 to 15 years.
  • Shape determines an application area:
    • cylinder and trapezoidal anodes are used for pipelines;
    • dish-shaped anodes mounted at the bottom of the protected reservoir are used for reservoirs.
  • The number of impurities defines the type of magnesium alloy (MP-1 or MP-2): deviations in nickel, copper, iron and silicon impurities are significantly low in MP-1 alloy.

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